Made in collabaration with
Iamprogrez & IT Randsteden

Interact with villagers
and save Seasight.

In collaboration with IT Randsteden and IamProgrez, we created an interactive world educators can use to teach pupils about the things we can do to protect humanity from the rising sea level. Children experience this by working together, making decisions about the different options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Children form their own opinion by exploring the environment.

By talking to the local residents, children get introduced to real life dilemmas about climate change and green energy. Now, they have to work together. Doing nothing will get them wet feet. What will they do to try and save the local village?


Players experience the effect of their choices immediately.

Players can invest in different resources to build the wanted necessities. Some are more durable and work for the long term, but do require more resources and time to produce. Other (cheaper) strategies are to invest in short term solutions.

Information based decisionmaking.

Based on the information they found and their own interpretations, players have to make a plan of action in order to work together in an effective way to protect themselves from the rising sea level.

Made in collabaration with
Iamprogrez & IT Randsteden

Race Track
Race Track
Race Track


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