We are professional Minecrafters. (Yeah... the job exists) We even have an office in Amsterdam


We play Minecraft all day.

No, not really... We mainly use Minecraft as a tool to create immersive environments for Minecraft Lovers. These consist of children and teachers from all over the world.

We see Minecraft as an opportunity to introduce players to education in a different setting than they are used to.



Awards won

We won two jury innovation awards on the Dutch Educational Exhibition 2023 for primary and special education.


Years of experience

We started as children. Most of us saw and see Minecraft as a way to express ourselves. This by creating experiences for moslty others and ourselves.


Players reached

Our audience is growing everyday. As a Minecraft Partner, our products can be played by millions.


Released worlds

We released a lot more, but we only add one to the counter when we believe that the game created some form of social impact.


We often get recognised
by the media.

VVN Screenshot

2022 — The release of VVN: Broekpoort

We 'trick' children into learning.

As you can see here, these pupils were fixated on the digital traffic lesson, even though two Dutch ministers, were in the same classroom! We believe that games designed to teach can be just as gripping as those they play normally for fun.

VVN Screenshot
VVN Screenshot

On the right: Dutch Minister of Primary and Secondary Education.


Why? It's fun. Really.

We strive to create fun experiences, which can not be made with traditional educational methods, including books and explainer videos.

We want to be of value to the rise and development of gamification by designing progressive learning conditions and reaching a higher and more nuanced level of education.

A mouthful. You can read that again if we went too fast.


Accessible, exciting and eventful.


Minecraft has great accessibility and is for all ages. The Education Edition is playable on PC, Chromebook, and tablet, which means it can be used both in the classroom and remotely.


We believe that children's negative associations with learning can be replaced with excitement through Minecrafts possibilities for immersion.


We try to create a social impact with our work. Our products frequently get recognized by the public. Projects have been opened by ministers and have been on the news worldwide.


Notable partners and clients

Minecraft Education Edition


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